Watch the video: Other farmers protesting at the ITO when the protesters surrounded and rushed to rescue the policemen


Changing the route of the tractor assembly, some group of farmers came to the ITO in central Delhi, where some people were going to attack the policeman. Here are some of the demonstrators policemen then took out safely.


Farmers tractor assembly: The tractor rally of farmers in Delhi on Tuesday has intensified. A group of farmers came to the ITO in central Delhi after deviating from the scheduled route of the rally. Where they clash with police. Police barricaded the DTC bus and crane here, where farmers hijacked a police bus. Here the police charged the baton and fired tear gas shells.

Protests by several groups of farmers have been seen, as has another picture of a group of farmers trying to rescue a Delhi Policeman from another militant group. A video from the news agency ANI showed a group of police trying to disperse protesters, just outside the blockade of a police bus where the protesting farmers were stationed at the ITO.

At the same time, some of the assailants rushed to dominate him and another surrounded the protesting police member and marched towards the security circle. Many people were seen holding sticks in their hands, many of them went ahead to attack the policemen but some more people came forward and brought the policemen on the bus.

Let us know that even though the farmers’ rally was supposed to be held at the end of the Republic Day parade on Tuesday, the protesting farmers at the Sinhu and Tikari border broke the police barrier and started marching on foot. After that the tractor assembly also started. Many groups of farmers took a different route than this route, after which they clashed with police in many places and tear gas shells were fired at the farmers.


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(With input from ANI)

Clashes between police and farmers in central Delhi
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