Wait till 10 am tomorrow, I will open Fadnavis’s relationship with the underworld; Now Nawab Malik retaliated


The political war that started with the drugs case in Maharashtra has now come on the allegations of the leaders’ relationship with the underworld. On Monday, on behalf of Devendra Fadnavis, Nawab Malik was accused of having links with the underworld. Now it was the turn of Nawab Malik and he said that tomorrow morning at 10 am I will reveal the relationship of Devendra Fadnavis with the underworld. Nawab Malik said, ‘No such allegations have been leveled against me till now. I will not say anything today, but I will tell tomorrow at 10 am on the game of underworld that has started.

The land was taken from a person named Salim Patel, not from the accused of bomb blast

Nawab Malik said that we have not bought land from any bomb blast accused. I had bought the land from a person named Salim Patel. Devendra Fadnavis said that I bought the land and kept fake tenants in it. but it’s not like that. There is society there. The land behind it, there are massive slums. I have a godown there, that land was on lease. We also had 4 shops in the same place. Devendra Fadnavis is a raw player of information. In 1996, when Shiv Sena and BJP were in power, I won the by-election on November 9. At that time the celebration was also celebrated there. From there we fought the election. There was a society there, which told us to give ownership and after paying full stamp duty, we took it.


Said- My daughter will file a defamation case against Devendra Fadnavis

Nawab Malik said that I had taken land from the society of Madinatul Aman. The allegation of buying it for Rs 20 a foot is false. Nawab Malik said that we have only 8 shops out of the land of that society. Nawab Malik said that Devendra Fadnavis had talked about doing a bomb blast, but could not do it. Now I will throw the hydrogen bomb of the underworld against them. Not only this, Nawab Malik said that Devendra Fadnavis had talked about the recovery of ganja from my son-in-law. In this matter my daughter is going to send him a notice, on that he should be ready. He said that I hope he does not apologize and will continue the fight.


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