Volcano Video: You may not have seen any video of the lava opening, the drone captured this scene



Volcano Opening: A video of a burning volcano showing how the volcanic scene erupted has been released.

    Watch the original drone footage video of Iceland's Fagradalsafzal volcano

The drone footage was posted by blogger Bjorn Steinbeck on Instagram and Facebook. Photo sincere: Instagram

Volcanoes erupted in Iceland, molten lava spread in the air and reddened the sky a few miles away. The magnitude of the tremors in the region of Fagradalsafzal on the Drone Reykjavিজk Peninsula, about 30 kilometers southwest of the capital Reykjavik.

Footage and photos shared on social media channels blacken the molten lava and soil. According to the Iceland Meteorological Office (IMO), the eruption began at 8:30 am on March 19. However, just hours before the eruption, a 3.1 magnitude earthquake was recorded 1.2 km from Fagradalasafzil.

Drone footage was posted on Instagram and Facebook by blogger Jorgen Steinbeck (Bjorn Steinbeck), with the caption: “Sometimes you just need to go!”

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Bjorn Steinbeck shared a post (Bistenbeck)

Fortunately, the eruption did not pose an immediate threat to Grindavic or critical infrastructure. However, just four hours after the initial eruption, molten lava hit an area of ​​about 200 square kilometers, equivalent to a football field. As a result, residents of the town of Thorlaxfan were told to stay indoors to avoid contact with volcanic gas.

The IMO shared some incredible scenes before the eruption, but more videos and photos shared on social media show molten lava channeling and blackening of the soil.


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