Violence against Hindus in Bangladesh, tomorrow VHP will burn effigies of ‘Jihadi’ terrorism across the country


Violence against Hindus in Bangladesh is not taking its name to stop. On the other hand, many organizations in India are raising questions on Bangladeshi violence. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has also announced a demonstration in front of the Bangladesh High Commission in New Delhi on Wednesday. Also said that in every district of the whole of India, demonstrations will be held against violence against Hindus. The VHP said that the atrocities on Hindus by the fundamentalists can be compared to the brutality of the Nazis.

Violence against Hindus has been increasing in Bangladesh since last one week. More than half a dozen Hindus were massacred, Hindu temples vandalized and then 29 houses were torched by some fundamentalists. The US and the United Nations have also expressed displeasure over this incident. On the other hand, minorities in Bangladesh are also protesting continuously. Bangladesh PM is talking of strict action in Sheikh Hasina case. He says that many people have been arrested so far. We will not spare anyone.

The fire of violence in Bangladesh has also reached India. First BJP and now Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) have intensified the tone of protest. Issuing a press release, the organization said, “Bangladesh is witnessing unrest due to attacks on minority communities. Therefore Vishwa Hindu Parishad will hold demonstrations of Bangladesh High Commission in New Delhi on Wednesday. Also, all districts across India will be protesting against this violence. will be protested against.”

VHP’s central joint general secretary Surendra Jain said the demonstrations would involve burning “effigies of jihadi terrorism.” The U.N. has also called on the United Nations to send peacekeeping forces to Bangladesh to end violent attacks on Hindus.

A few days ago in Kolkata, some religious organizations performed in front of Bangladesh Deputy High Commission singing bhajans. The Bharatiya Janata Party has been protesting in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar for a few days. Meanwhile, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) said on Tuesday that it is planning a one-day global protest on October 23 over the attacks in Bangladesh.




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