Video: Woman reached airport in bikini and mask, people said – flight straight after pool party



  • Others were shocked to see a female passenger arriving at Miami Airport in a bikini
  • The video shared on Instagram has been viewed and liked by thousands of people
  • Airlines shunned female passenger, said – no record in investigation

Everyone was surprised to see a strange scene at the Miami airport. Everyone was shocked to see a woman wearing a bikini and a face mask came to the airport premises. The Instagram video of the woman is going viral on social media. The video was shared by a page named ‘Humans of Spirit Airlines’ and the caption of the video read, ‘When you have a pool party in the afternoon and you have a flight at 4 pm’.

Airlines defend themselves
Like any fashion week model, the woman appeared in a green bikini. More than 11 thousand people have seen this video on social media and more than 1 thousand people have liked it. Speaking to the New York Post, Spirit Airlines said that the video going viral could not be verified. This page often keeps sharing false pictures and videos in the name of airlines.

Flying in a bikini?
The airline said the video can be recorded anytime and anywhere and does not reveal the identity of any airline. On examination no record of this was found in the file. Seeing the woman, everyone was surprised because bikini is usually worn on the beach. It is not known whether it was just a stunt or the woman actually boarded the flight wearing a bikini.

Airlines may stop travel
According to the New York Post, if the woman flew in a bikini, then it would be considered a violation of the airline’s rules. According to the airline’s contract, passengers can be prevented from boarding or disembarked if they are barefoot or insufficiently dressed, or if they are in lewd, obscene clothing.


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