VIDEO: Couple got heavy to do adventure in the air, the rope of the parachute broke, fell in the sea


Parasailing a couple in Diu was overshadowed. After breaking the rope of the parachute, both of them fell into the sea. However, fortunately, both of their lives were saved. The video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are criticizing the employees of the parasailing company on social media. The couple also accused the employees of the parasailing company of being negligent.

The video going viral on social media is being told of Nagwa beach of Diu. A couple from Junagadh, Gujarat had reached Diu on Sunday morning for a holiday. Here he decided to do parasailing for adventure at Nagwa Beach. But his decision turned into a major accident in a few seconds. The accident happened with Ajit Kathad and his wife. The accident that happened to him made him face a terrible accident that will never be forgotten.

Ajit Kathad says he and his wife were scared after the rope of their parachute broke while parasailing off the coast of Diu. The video of this accident on the beach is going viral on social media. Talking to The Times of India, Ajit Kathad and his wife Sarla Kathad also accused the employees of the parasailing company of misbehavior.

This heart-wrenching video footage shows the couple breaking a rope connecting their parachute to a powerboat within a minute of their parasailing ride, causing them to lose control and plunge into the sea.

Ajit Kathad’s elder brother Rakesh, who was on the powerboat, screamed at Ajit and Sarla falling on the sea. He said, “I was shooting the video. But I did not know what to do after the rope broke. I saw my brother and sister-in-law falling from a great height. I was feeling helpless at that time.” However, the couple was eventually rescued by lifeguards from Palms Adventure and Motorsports, a private firm that runs parasailing services.

Rakesh later told reporters that he had told the operators that the parachute rope had become shabby and damaged. However, he was assured that nothing would happen and that the worn out part of the rope would not even come in the air.

Meanwhile, the owner of Palms Adventure and Motorsports blamed the accident on strong winds as the reason behind the incident. Speaking to Times of India, Mohan Laxman said, “This is the first time that such an incident has happened in the last three years, as strong winds were blowing on Sunday.”

At the same time, Ajit Kathad and his family accused the parasailing service of negligence. Talking to the media, Ajit said, “As we reached the maximum height, after the rope broke, the parachute started moving from side to side as we didn’t know how to control it. A few seconds later we were on the sea. I fell. My wife was in shock for a while, she could not even speak for a few minutes.” The couple went to the police station to register a complaint in this matter but eventually returned without any complaint.




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