Victims of Bhopal Gas have made big complaints about Kovacin’s trial


On the other hand, the People’s Hospital associated with the trial has denied all allegations. People’s Hospital Dean Group Captain Dr Ake Dixit said the tests were carried out as per ICMR guidelines and Aadhaar number recordings were included,

The central government has allowed India Biotech’s coronavirus vaccine – Kovacin – to be used “in the public interest” for “limited use in emergencies”, but in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, 1984 Bhopal gas victims have raised major complaints about the vaccine trial. Many participants say they have not been given a copy of their informed consent, which is mandatory in this national test.

In areas like Tidder Factory, Shankar Nagar, Oriya Nagar, NDTV spoke to many people in the vicinity of Union Carbide, which was part of the human testing of this vaccine. They say they were unaware that they were being tried.


They were simply told that the injection (vaccine) would prevent coronavirus infection. Rekha, a resident of Oriya Nagar in Bhopal, said, “I am suffering from gas. No one has told me about any side effects and no one has given me a copy of the consent form. I have never received a call from the hospital. The hospital said (if I take this injection) It won’t happen. “


Savitri, a resident of Shankar Nagar, said, “They said, ‘We are giving you the corona vaccine. No one told us it was a vaccine test. They said,’ If you have any problem, you can call us. ‘ Like Rekha, he also claims that he never received a copy of the MoU. “They said you can fill out the daily report … but I can’t write, but how can I fill out the form?”

Meanwhile, a few more people agreed to give injections because they were told the vaccine was free and feared they would have to pay for it later. Residents near the former Union Carbide factory say teams of paramedics visited the affected areas Garib Nagar, Shankar Nagar, Oriya Bus and JP Nagar and demanded Rs 5,050 for many people living here. There was a good amount.

According to locals, about two and a half hundred people agreed to the vaccine test … Some people were also informed about the risks involved. The staff collected samples of urine and nasal swabs, after which participants were handed a four-page booklet to focus on their side effects. However, many of these forms have zero because many participants do not know how to read and write.


Jitendra Narwaria (3), who was working as a daily laborer in a saw machine, is the only earner in 5 families … He was vaccinated on 10 December. A few days later, he started vomiting and became restless, with a cold and cough.

“The doctors told me, ‘If you have a problem with your blood, this vaccine will clear it up.’ I asked if everything would be fine later and he said yes, but I have been sick since the day I was vaccinated. “I went to check-up on December 14 but they took me from here to there a lot of running, I am a poor man. Can’t pay 450 … the amount required for the test. I bought medicine out of pocket. My kids feel bad for being hungry … I wonder why I got the vaccine.

Rachna Dhingra, a social worker working with the families of the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy, said such incidents had “raised many questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine”.

“… they have persecuted sheep-like people in these areas with a promise of Rs. 50 … Most participants are unaware that they are part of the third phase of the trial You’re being asked to pay the bill yourself. What could be worse? “

“It not only affects gas victims, it also raises questions about the effects of vaccines … How can vaccines be trusted when you violate all sorts, when you don’t record adverse effects, and when you don’t monitor participants?”

On the other hand, the People’s Hospital associated with the trial has denied all allegations. People’s Hospital Dean Group Captain Dr. Ake Dixit said the tests were done according to ICMR guidelines, and Aadhaar number recording, minimum half hour consultation of potential participants (informing them about dosage and possible side effects) was done). “This information (participants did not receive an approved consent form referring to the allegations) … I do not consider this to be accurate We further told them that this is a two-blind trial (meaning only one of the two doses of the vaccine,” And the other is a placebo), he said, “We have a record of it (their consent) … Anyone who wants a report, we will give it to them. She’s going.

Asked about Jitendra Narwaria, he said, “Who are you talking about, because you just came, I don’t know about them because we have a record of everyone who comes here.” They happened when we contacted them. Madhya Pradesh Medical Education Minister Biswas Sarang said the matter would be investigated, but “we should not speak freely” and said “our government has followed all the guidelines”.

Where you are referring to the subject is a medical college, we will show it, but if we speak irresponsibly we will question the question posed by the scientists of our country against a large global epidemic. We should not reach any conclusion without a technical investigation. As far as the vaccine is concerned, the large population of this country who are living with the fear of covid want to show more fear. My clear complaint is that they are doing politics with this vaccine, they are not doing well themselves. Not even because we said it just because a few people are opposing it, those who are doing it, those who are members of the gang who are opposing those who support Kanhaiya, they support Pakistan. If you mentioned any specific case, we will definitely investigate it


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Victims of Bhopal Gas have made big complaints about Kovacin’s trial
Victims of Bhopal Gas have made big complaints about Kovacin’s trial

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