Victim woman has anal tattoo on hand, Delhi High Court grants bail to accused


The woman alleged that the defendants forcibly took her name on the woman’s arm, the court said, adding that such “tattooing is not an easy task”.

Tattooing is a human hobby, but does anyone ever think that it would be a problem for a tattoo artist? One such incident has come to light in the national capital Delhi. The Delhi High Court on Friday granted bail to a man accused of raping a woman on the grounds that the woman’s hand was in her toilet. The High Court said in its judgment, “It is not easy to give such a tattoo when there is resistance from the other side.” Although the woman alleged that the defendants forcibly took her name on the woman’s arm, the court said that such “tattooing is not an easy task”.

Justice Rajneesh Bhatnagar said in the judgment, “In my opinion, tattooing is an art and requires a special instrument. Also, it is not easy to make a tattoo which is in the hands of the plaintiff.”

The court ruled that “it is not everyone’s business and it is not even for litigation. Whether the applicant has anything to do with the tattoo business.”

The woman alleged that the accused forced her to have sexual relations by threatening and blackmailing her. He said the physical relationship continued from 2016 to 2019.


At the same time the defendants said that the plaintiff was married, loved him and claimed that they were in a relationship. He said the FIR was registered only when he failed to maintain a relationship with the man (accused). On her behalf, the defendants also showed pictures of the woman’s hand tattoos in court and said the woman took selfies with her, was part of many incidents and sent him a friend request on Facebook.


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