Venkaiah Naidu became emotional on the disturbance in the House, said – the sanctity of the Rajya Sabha is gone; Action will be taken against those who create ruckus


Rajya Sabha proceedings are being disrupted continuously due to uproar by opposition MPs over several issues, including agricultural laws and the Pegasus espionage controversy. Chairman Venkaiah Naidu became emotional as soon as the proceedings of the House began in the Rajya Sabha today. Referring to Tuesday’s incident, Venkaiah Naidu said that all the sanctity of this Rajya Sabha was lost when some MPs sat on the table protesting the agricultural laws and other members climbed onto the table of the House. He said that the opposition MPs who created ruckus in the House will have to face action. Let us tell you that on Tuesday, the extent of the uproar in the Rajya Sabha was crossed when a Congress MP climbed the table and threw the rule book towards the seat. Rajya Sabha had to be adjourned for the day after being interrupted five times in this manner.

Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu said that I am deeply saddened that some members have created a ruckus during the monsoon session. “Any issue can be argued from your side and opinion may differ, but the manner in which there was nuisance is hurtful,” he said. However, even during this remark of Venkaiah Naidu, there was continuous uproar in the House. On this, the Vice President said that if something is being said from the chair, then listen.

Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday condemned the behavior of the opposition in the House and said that I am deeply saddened by what happened in Parliament yesterday. Yesterday, when some members came to the table, the dignity of the House was hurt and because of this I could not sleep the whole night. At the same time, if sources are to be believed, Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu can take action against the opposition MPs for tomorrow’s uproar. Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Leader of the House Piyush Goyal and other BJP MPs have met Naidu this morning.

Let us tell you that in a surprising development in the Rajya Sabha, MPs of opposition parties such as Congress, Trinamool Congress, Left and Aam Aadmi Party, who are opposing the agriculture laws, climbed the table of the general secretary and occupied it and raised loud slogans. Not only this, Congress leader Pratap Singh Bajwa also threw the rule book towards the seat by climbing the Rajya Sabha table.

Actually, the issues of farmers were going to be discussed in the Rajya Sabha on the demand of the opposition, but it could not happen. Instead of discussion in Rajya Sabha, only and only uproar was seen. Congress leader Pratap Singh Bajwa was seen raising slogans on the desk. Not only this, Bajwa also threw the rule book towards Asan while raising the slogan of take back the black law. Its video is viral on social media and BJP leaders are targeting Congress through this video. In the video it can be seen how the leaders of opposition parties are raising slogans and climbing on the desk, Bajwa is throwing the rule book towards the seat.

The Rajya Sabha meeting on Tuesday was disrupted twice before 2 pm and thrice after 2 pm due to the uproar. Due to the uproar, Zero Hour could not be held in the Upper House, the Question Hour was very short and only two speakers could speak in the short-lived discussion on ‘Agriculture related problems in the country and their solutions’. The Monsoon session of Parliament began on July 19, but despite a lapse of more than two weeks, there is a stalemate between the ruling party and the opposition and proceedings have not been able to go smoothly for even a single day. The issue of Corona in the country was discussed peacefully only on one day in the House.


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