Vaccines not taking even at discount, stock of private hospitals in Mumbai is over


There was a time when there was shortage of vaccine after private hospitals. But today after these private hospitals the stock of vaccine is over. This is the condition that even this stock of private hospitals of Mumbai is not of thousand or two thousand, but of crores. The situation has come to such an extent that to clear the stock, the hospitalists are also ready to give a discount of 10 to 30 percent, but no one is going to buy.

Vaccine makers are not even taking

Troubled by the situation, these private hospitals in Mumbai also contacted the vaccine manufacturers. According to the Times of India, this private hospital wanted the unsold vaccine to be withdrawn, but even from there they were disappointed. This situation is completely different from May-June. During this time private hospitals were not getting the vaccine. But the current situation is that vaccination in private hospitals has remained negligible. The result of this is that more than 85 percent of the vaccine is not sold in private hospitals in Mumbai.


20-25 arriving for vaccination

Sanjeevani Hospital located in Malad has 7000 doses of Covishield which cost Rs 44 lakhs. The director of the hospital, Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, said that he appealed to both the vaccine manufacturers and the BMC. But there was no positive response from anywhere. He said that we are also ready to give a discount of up to 30 percent. Still no buyer is being found. 1000 people used to reach this hospital daily to get the vaccine. But in today’s date this number has been reduced from 20 to 25.


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