Vaccinated mother’s milk produces antibodies against COVID-19 – research claims


A vaccinated mother’s milk makes antibodies against COVID-19. This has been claimed in a recent research. It has been claimed in this research that this antibody protects the newborn of a vaccinated mother from many serious diseases. This research, published in ‘Journal Breastfeeding Medicine’, emphasizes that the vaccine can protect both mother and baby. Joseph Larkin, an assistant professor at the University of Florida, said that in this research it has been said that ‘we have found that vaccination produces antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in breast milk. It has been suggested that a mother who has taken the vaccine can pass on antibodies to her child.

Researchers have found that when babies are born, their immunity is in the process of developing. Joseph Nu, a co-author of this study, said that they find it difficult to fight any kind of infection. Breast milk provides excellent immunity to newborns at this crucial time of child’s development. Joseph said that ‘breast milk is like a toolbox that helps the newborn to make different tools necessary for life. After taking the vaccine, another important tool is added to this toolbox. Which is very important to protect against Kovid-19.


This study has been done between December 2020 and March 2021. This is the time when Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines first became available to health workers in the US. The researchers included 21 breast-feeding health workers who had never been infected with Kovid-19. During this, breast milk and blood samples were taken three times before vaccination. Lauren Stafford, a doctoral student in the Larkin lab, said that after the first dose and second dose of the vaccine, we found that antibodies developed in the blood and breast milk. Which was many times more than the samples taken before the vaccine. Research has also said that this level of antibodies in the breast milk of a mother who has been vaccinated is higher than those who have been infected with Kovid-19.

Researchers say that mothers who have taken the vaccine can protect their baby and this is not a new thing. That’s why taking the mother’s vaccine is very important in the future. Researchers say that if children of vaccinated mothers take this antibody, then they develop the ability to fight against Kovid-19.


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