Vacancy stopped in Satara, Panvel, Maharashtra, 109 centers closed in Pune, Center said – Politics is


‘Vaccine Politics’ continues between Maharashtra and the Central Government, with the cases of Corona virus increasing steadily across the country. On the one hand, the Maharashtra Health Minister says that there has been a shortage of Corona vaccine in the state, while the Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has termed these allegations as baseless and nonsense. However, in the midst of all this, the Municipal Corporation in Panvel, Maharashtra, has issued an official notice stating that vaccination is being stopped due to non-availability of vaccine. On the other hand, 109 vaccination centers in Pune have also been closed due to lack of vaccines. However, one of the biggest reasons behind the lack of vaccine is that Maharashtra has increased vaccination in the last few days.


109 vaccinations closed in Pune?

Nationalist Congress Party, NCP MP Supriya Sule has claimed that 109 centers were closed in Pune district due to lack of vaccine stock on Wednesday. He also said that on Wednesday, 55 thousand 539 people were given vaccinations at 391 centers in Pune, but thousands had to return without taking the vaccine because the stock was exhausted.

Vaccination stopped in Satara too!

Vaccination has been stopped in Satara, Maharashtra late on Wednesday due to vaccine deficiency. According to media reports, so far around 2.6 lakh people have been given the first dose of the vaccine so far.

What does the central government have to say?

The complaint of vaccine shortage has been described by Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan as irresponsible. He said that this statement has been given to divert the attention of the people and spread panic among them. Dr. Harshvardhan also accused Maharashtra of trying to cover up its failures over the epidemic. The Central Government has written it clear that 1 crore 6 lakh 19 thousand 190 doses have been given to Maharashtra out of which 90 lakh 53 thousand 523 doses have been consumed. These include vaccines that have been ruined.

What did the Health Minister of Maharashtra say?

Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope claimed that only 14 lakh doses of Corona vaccine were left in the state on Wednesday, which would be spent in the next three days. If 5 lakh people are given the vaccine every day in Maharashtra, then there should be 40 lakh doses every week. He told the Union Health Minister that vaccines are not available at many of our centers, people have to be sent back. The central government sent us the vaccine.

Please tell that Maharashtra is the only state in the country which is most affected by Corona. On Wednesday too, about 60 thousand new cases of corona virus were reported in a single day, which is the biggest jump so far.




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