UP: 2715 people who died years ago, still alive in a government record, know how


Not ten or twenty, there are 2715 people who died years ago but all are alive in a government record. This has come to light amidst the heat of panchayat elections. These are the people who then applied for the identity of On-Ban-Shan to buy guns. Made a gun license and also bought a gun of his choice. Take her with you. Reached the last stage of his age but did not transfer the names of his gun loved ones. Now he is no longer in this world but his name is still included in the list of licensed arms holders.


The tricolor of the three-tier panchayat election is over. To make the election peaceful and fair, arrests are being made on the war footing of the wanted. Gangster and Gunda Act is being taken against the miscreants. Manbandhas are being banned in 107/16. History sheets are being monitored. Anarchic elements are also being arrested by police personnel for fear of breach of peace. License arms are also being deposited by the police. Policemen deployed in the respective police stations are going door-to-door to deposit licensed weapons.

During this campaign of police personnel, a truth has also come out that out of 80437 licensee arms holders in Gorakhpur zone, 2715 licensees have died years ago. His family is unable to get a gun license. The sign of his father and grandfather is throwing dust in the shops of the arms or in the malls of the police stations.

Police deposited 62 percent

License arms holders are being deposited by police officers for panchayat elections. For this, a campaign is being conducted by police personnel. So far 62.61 per cent have been deposited in Gorakhpur zone. Siddharth Nagar is the police number one of the district in submitting the transaction.

772 licenses have been suspended

Armed licenses of 772 licensed arms holders in Gorakhpur zone have been suspended under police and administrative actions. All these have cases registered against them in different police stations. Criminal cases against all these are pending in courts.

Gorakhpur Zone

Number of licensee arms: 80437
Number of licensed weapons: 83871
Number of suspended arms: 772
Number of deceased licensee holders: 2715
Number of license holders outside the zone: 13954


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