UN General Assembly President, India, who came in support of Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir, gave this answer


India on Friday targeted UN General Assembly President Volkan Bojkir for his remarks on Jammu and Kashmir, saying his ‘misleading and prejudiced remarks’ do a great deal of damage to the post to which he is occupying.

Bojkir said in a press conference in Islamabad with Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Thursday that it is ‘Pakistan’s duty’ to bring the issue of Jammu and Kashmir to the United Nations more firmly.


In a stern response, the Ministry of External Affairs said that his remarks were ‘unacceptable’ and that the reference made by him to the Union Territory of India was ‘inappropriate’. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said in response to a media question on the issue, ‘When the current President of the United Nations General Assembly makes misleading and prejudiced remarks, he causes great damage to his post. The behavior of the President of the United Nations General Assembly is genuinely regrettable and certainly undermines his position on the global stage. ‘

Expressing strong opposition to the inappropriate mention made by Bojkir regarding Jammu and Kashmir during his recent visit to Pakistan, Bagchi said that his remark that ‘Pakistan is duty bound to raise the issue more firmly in the United Nations’ , Is unacceptable. And in fact there is no basis for comparison with other global conditions. Bojkir arrived in Pakistan on Wednesday on a three-day official visit at the invitation of Qureshi.



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