UK’s discriminatory attitude, we will also take retaliatory action; India’s warning on Coveshield


The Indian government says that Britain has adopted a discriminatory attitude by not recognizing the corona vaccine Kovidhild. It also said that if no solution is found, then retaliatory action will be taken.

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla today said the UK government’s decision not to recognize Covishield was “discriminatory”. He also said that it falls within India’s “right to take reciprocal measures”. He added, ‘Covishield’s de-recognition is a discriminatory policy and affects our citizens traveling to the UK. The Secretary of State has strongly raised this issue with the new UK Foreign Secretary. I am told that some assurances have been given that the issue will be sorted out.

UK has changed travel rules

Let us tell you that Britain has made changes in its Kovid-19 traffic rules but with this it has also given rise to a new controversy. Britain is being accused of discriminating against India. There is also increasing pressure on the UK government to review the rules set for passengers coming from India. This is because under the new rules Britain will not consider those taking the ‘Covishield’ vaccine to be vaccinated, while those who have received the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine have been recognized.

Covishield to most of India’s population

Most of the people in India have got the Kovidshield vaccine. This is the Indian version of Britain’s AstraZeneca vaccine. It is made in India by Serum Institute of India, yet India is kept out of the list. Sanam Arora, president of the National Indian Student and Alumni Union (AISAU) in the UK, said, “Indian students are upset that they feel it is a discriminatory move because they are treated differently than their counterparts in the US and EU. Behavior is being done.’


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