Two people acquitted in the case of murder of taxi driver, the court said – a ruthless investigation was done


The Kerala High Court has quashed the conviction of two of the five accused in the 2012 taxi driver’s murder case, observing that a “crampy” investigation was conducted in the case and the prosecution’s arguments were not proved. Moreover, the trial court showed great enthusiasm in convicting him without evidence. The High Court said, “This is a unique case in which a conspiracy has been hatched to derail the investigation against the accused through sloppy investigation and breathless arguments of the prosecution.” The court also passed the impugned judgment in exasperation without any evidence.’

According to the prosecution, the driver had taken out in his taxi to go somewhere. He had no idea that this would be his last journey. His body was found the next day. He was beaten, strangled and burnt. The prosecution had claimed that the murder was part of a conspiracy to rob a taxi and it was a case of committing an offense to earn profit through robbery.

The High Court, however, said that the case was purely based on circumstantial evidence and no substantive evidence was presented in it. The court said the prosecution simply managed to establish that the main accused had hired a taxi to go to Poopra, a village in Idukki district, and the next day the owner of the taxi was found dead and his vehicle was missing.


“On the basis of the mere fact that accused No. 1 was seen traveling in a taxi a day before the incident, he cannot be charged with murder and theft of the car the next morning,” the court said. “We found that the recovery was not proved and instead the witnesses also turned hostile,” the court said. The Sessions Judge relied on the evidence of the Investigating Officer. The evidence produced by the investigating officer was loose and lacked detailed information.



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