Twitter is now the target of opposition in India


After Twitter blocked several handles of Congress party leaders, Rahul Gandhi called it an attack on democracy. Twitter was on the target of the government a few days ago for the delay in following the new government rules. Twitter had blocked the accounts of Rahul Gandhi and many Congress party leaders a few days ago. The company said that Gandhi had tweeted a picture of the parents of a nine-year-old girl who was allegedly killed after being raped in Delhi. Twitter says that it has received a complaint from the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) in this regard that the identity of the victim girl was exposed by Gandhi’s tweet, which is in violation of the Juvenile Justice Act and the POCSO Act. Twitter’s cleaning company said that it blocked Gandhi’s handle due to violation of Indian law. Also blocked all those handles which had retweeted that tweet of Gandhi.

Expressing strong opposition to this move of Twitter, Gandhi called it an attack on the democratic structure of the country. Releasing a video message on YouTube titled “Twitter’s Dangerous Game”, Gandhi said, “By shutting down my Twitter, they are interfering in our political processes. One company is dictating our politics for its business and the other. As a politician, I don’t like it” Gandhi believes this is breaking the notion of Twitter being a “fair platform”. He also linked it to the allegations of suppressing the voice of the opposition to the government. Opposition’s allegation He said, “We are not allowed to speak in Parliament. Media is under control.


And I thought Twitter was a ray of light in the middle of it all. But now it has become clear that Twitter is not a fair platform but a partisan platform and it does what the government tells it to do.” The Congress has also got support from other opposition parties in protest against this move of Twitter. Trinamool Congress US MP Derek O’Brien condemned this in a tweet. It is an ironic situation for Twitter as it was accused by the government of curbing freedom of expression until a few days ago. First of all, compliance with the new IT rules Due to the delay, the Government of India had started taking action against Twitter. Against this, Twitter knocked on the doors of the court. The hearing in this matter is still going on but the government has now admitted in the court that Twitter has followed the new rules. Follow up process has started.

Twitter Rules In June, in the midst of this ongoing standoff with the government, Twitter had closed the handle of the then IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad for an hour. The company said that one of Prasad’s tweets violated its copyright rules, but Prasad accused the company of violating the expression. However, Twitter has consistently maintained that its rules regarding blocking or suspending handles are very clear. When the company receives a complaint against a tweet made by any handle for violation of the law of the land or company’s own rules, then the company sends information about it to that person. Whatever steps the company takes, the person concerned is also informed about the rules under which this is being done.


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