Twitter enjoyed this way in ‘Downtime’, WhatsApp also had fun


A tweet from microblogging site Twitter has become fiercely viral amid the worldwide shutdown of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp itself has also responded to this tweet. Actually, after the closure of the three big social networking sites, most of the people are using Twitter. In such a situation, Twitter tweeted, ‘Hello literally everyone’ means really hello everyone. After this, many big companies around the world are responding to this tweet, including WhatsApp.

The social media company said it is aware that some people are having trouble using the Facebook app and is trying to restore its service. The company did not specify what could be the reason for this problem, which started around 9.15 pm Indian time. It is common to have problems with websites and apps, although it is rare globally. Users reported unable to access Facebook in California, New York and Europe.

Facebook is going through a major crisis, as a series of articles in ‘The Wall Street Journal’ highlighting the company’s awareness of the company’s internal research about the negative impacts of its products and decisions, a thread and whistleblower person) went public on ’60 Minutes’ on Sunday.




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