Tribal daily wage workers in Madhya Pradesh were part of the vaccine test … Family raised questions about the vaccine


From Madhya Pradesh we reported how the people involved in the covid vaccine trial were not given consent forms. Not many people even knew they were taking a trial injection.

NDTV in Madhya Pradesh reported how people involved in the covid vaccine test were not given consent forms. Not many people even knew they were taking a trial injection. In the context of this report, the story of Deepak’s death also became important. We cannot say and say that Deepak died due to vaccine or anything else. He was involved in testing the vaccine and died of some other cause, so his family was not told why. Since Deepak was a daily wage worker, was it with an educated person or a leader?

Deepak Maravi, 45, worked as a laborer and lived with his three children in the same rented house in Tila Jamalpura’s Subedar Colony. Deepak took part in the corona vaccine test. Deteriorating health occurred only after the first dose and Deepak died before reaching the hospital. Deepak was vaccinated or we can’t say placebo. It is difficult for us to know what happened to Deepak between December 12 and December 21. The wife is now feeding the children by demanding food from others.


His wife Vaijayanti Maravi said, “He came to give injections, he was fine for 7 days, he was eating, then he was tired.” I said, I’m not relaxing, eating little by little. On the 21st, the foam began to come out. I said, come to the doctor, he insists he won’t go anywhere, give me rest, I can’t walk, no disease. He died of the vaccine, we got no help anywhere, no one came. He worked in a chair, someone said there. I said, don’t get vaccinated, it’s a dangerous thing we have nothing left.

As the wife said, Deepak has also delayed going to the doctor due to ill health but whose job is to monitor the health of the person who was vaccinated? Less educated people like Deepak can be left in their condition after any vaccination. This time, after the vaccine was applied, they were asked, the details are very difficult to find because we wrote to the agency twice and could not find the answer. There are ways to pressure the wife to ask the agency and the government to answer her question.

The wife wipes the broom in the neighborhood, sometimes asking someone else for food to fill the children’s stomachs. Police did not give the report of Deepak’s autopsy on behalf of the family but it was given to the hospital after the application was made. According to the autopsy report, suspicious poison has been mentioned. We have no information about how the poisoning happened, what stage it happened, or we have no answer. The family and neighbors realized that Deepak was fine, no problem, but why would he eat poison?

Landlord Radheshyam said he was fine, I had not heard of the disease or he had fallen ill. Neighbor Ashu Srivastava said the vaccine was on, he was sick, he died and he has no illness. His other neighbor Rajendra said that his health had never been worse before, he was very strong. He was drinking a lot. We are telling the government, the situation is very bad, today his youngest son has gone to work, no one is supporting him.

We know the neighbor’s answer may not be enough, so we went to Dr. Geeta Rani Gupta of the Medico Law Department to understand the suspected poison. He did not say anything on camera but said that he did not know that Deepak was a partner in the case and no one informed him about it.

In the investigation of the case, we also found a confidential document of 200 pages. On page 57, the idea of ​​a physician, this subject could be suicidal. We informed you that the autopsy report was given to the family not the hospital.

Shouldn’t the police have been informed when this doctor committed suicide? Why was it not considered as a subject of investigation? Is it because Deepak was a laborer.

Bhopal DIG Irshad Wali said, “We don’t have any such information. We will look into it when we come.” When the PM’s report arrives, the viscera are kept and we will examine it with eligibility, then we will know what we can say only if we have a reason to say suicide, if there is a case in the family.
Our question is, what should be the role of the hospital agency or the government regarding Deepak’s death, can we create a scientific consciousness that is our constitutional obligation to keep the questions of the common family silent.
Ananta Van, former president of the International Association of Bioethics, said it would be considered a fatal adverse event. There is no connection … I think transparency is very important.
Not only that, in the January 4 report, you saw one more kind of serious negligence. NDTV went to Timber Factory, Shankar Nagar, Odia Nagar, etc. in the vicinity of Union Carbide and after talking to several people, it was found out that they were not aware that they were part of a human trial of vaccination. They were simply told that the injection (vaccine) would prevent infection by the coronavirus. Kio was not even given the informed consent that should have been given compulsorily.

Jitendra Norwaria, who worked in a sawmill, said that since the vaccine had fallen ill, he regretted why he had gone to the hospital and the hospital could not work. This would not have been alleged, but it did reveal how these agencies dealt with the people involved in the Rawaiya trial. Isn’t it anyone’s responsibility to reassure such common people? What is the seriousness of these issues that hospitals are complying with all the guidelines of the government in such a situation. The dean of the hospital, Dr. Ake Dixit, said that a copy of the consent form was given to whoever asked.


Now those who wanted the consent form were given. What does this mean? How can a poor and ordinary person know that a concert paper should be sought? Were they told during the counseling that you would just make the claim and even then Savitri Sunita or Jitendra did not ask for consent? Participants were shown a four-page booklet that they had been given. This is another subject that many do not know how to read and write.

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The history of drug trials in Madhya Pradesh is grim, with many people falling seriously ill during drug trials in 2010, with dozens dying in Indore alone. One such question is whether the MP government banned drug tests on October 25, 2010, after which the vaccine was tested, and whether it is not the responsibility of the ethics committee to protect the cases.

Tribal daily wage workers in Madhya Pradesh were part of the vaccine test … Family raised questions about the vaccine
Tribal daily wage workers in Madhya Pradesh were part of the vaccine test … Family raised questions about the vaccine

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