Tough road to full immunization in India


After celebrating 100 crore vaccines, India is now facing the reality of full immunization. Work is being started on new strategies to vaccinate most of the people. The Government of India had celebrated giving 100 crore vaccines just a few days ago, but the government has now gone and accepted the fact that the situation is still very challenging. made of. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has outlined this challenge in a special meeting and asked all the states to take the vaccination program to the next phase. In fact, of the 100 crore vaccines that were celebrated, most of the vaccines are only of the first dose. It is estimated that only 30-35 percent of the total population eligible for the vaccine have received both vaccines. This number is also high in a few states and less in most.

In only five states, more than 50 percent of the eligible people have been given both the vaccines. Delhi is far away, even the national capital Delhi has not yet been able to achieve this 50 percent milestone. What’s more, there are 48 districts in the country where less than 50 percent of the people have received the first vaccine so far. In a special meeting, the Prime Minister spoke to the Chief Ministers and officials of all those states where the vaccination rate is still below 50 percent. He said that after achieving the 100 crore mark, “if we let loose, a new crisis could come.” He said that new strategies need to be worked out to speed up the vaccination programme. It is possible that in the coming days there will be a big change in the vaccination program.


Many states had been seeking permission from the Center for a long time to take the program to the homes of the people. The Prime Minister gave its permission in principle in this meeting. He said, “Till now we were working on taking people to the vaccination centre, now the time has come to take the vaccine from door to door”. And you can also take the help of NSS. Referring to his recent meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican, he said that religious leaders also have a big role to play in taking vaccination forward and this should be given special emphasis. Apart from this, there is also the problem of resources. It took 278 days for India to get 100 crore vaccines, which means an average of 36 lakh vaccines were administered in a day in the country.

On some days this figure was even higher but on most days it was less than this. Some experts have estimated that at least 12 million vaccines a day will have to be given if India wants to have both vaccines by the end of 2021 for all citizens eligible for the vaccine. This means increasing the supply of vaccines as well as the number of health workers delivering them. Overall, the road ahead for India is quite challenging.


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