Together with India, America, Japan and Australia will also get support from China’s cyber threats


In view of the increasing cyber threats from China, India, America, Japan and Australia will create a secure digital network. The four countries will also adopt a common strategy to deal with the dangers of Chinese apps and the misuse of 5G technology. The Quad countries are preparing for massive investments to respond to the Chinese app and its unsafe software.

Sources said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had raised these issues in the Quad meeting without naming China. Sources said that the cyber threat is increasing continuously. Through this, the work of breaching the information of rival countries to hurt their economy is being done on a large scale. Various tactics are being adopted through insecure apps. When Prime Minister Modi raised other issues including clean apps and misuse of 5G technology in the Quad, US President Biden and Prime Ministers of Japan and Australia supported it.

Sources said that in the coming days, work will be done on long-term cooperation between the four countries on cyber security. By sharing best practices and expertise domestically and internationally, the four countries will work towards a secure network and software. Sources said a fresh effort would be launched to strengthen critical infrastructure against cyber threats.


There will be frequent meetings of the Quad Senior Cyber ​​Group. Emphasis will be placed on adoption of common cyber standards. Cooperation between government and industry will be enhanced to bring about continuous improvement in this area, including the implementation of the Cyber ​​Strategy. Experts from all the four countries will meet regularly. The four countries will also work together to develop secure software and create a competent workforce and cyber talent pool. This is also mentioned in the Quad fact sheet.

Cyber ​​cooperation aims to promote scalability and cyber security of secure and reliable digital infrastructure. Sources said that China is also targeting various countries through technology. These threats were discussed in detail in the Quad. The leaders had decided that this area needed special attention. Because it has a direct impact on the economy as well. The way China is adopting the strategy of cyber-aggression, in the coming days, the Quad countries will answer it together.


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