This time it rained 41% more than normal in October, big loss to these states including Uttarakhand


India received 41 per cent more rainfall than normal between October 1 and 20. Uttarakhand alone had to face five times more rainfall than normal. This information came out in the data of the India Meteorological Department on Thursday. The IMD said that this month the country would have received 60.2 mm of rainfall, but 84.8 mm of rainfall. Out of 694 districts in the country, 45 per cent (311 districts in 16 states and union territories) received heavy rainfall.

Uttarakhand received 192.6 mm of rain between October 1 and 20 as against normal (35.3 mm). Due to this, more than 54 people lost their lives. Kerala recorded 445.1 mm of rainfall during this period. Due to this, more than 40 people died here. Heavy rains also lashed Sikkim, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, causing a lot of damage to life and property.

Experts believe that this could be due to warming of the ocean, unabated development and delayed withdrawal of monsoon. It was certainly an unusual October, says Balaji Narasimhan, a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras. He attributed this to infrastructural challenges and unabated development work. Narasimhan also studied the Chennai floods of 2105.


He said that such changes in the weather have been happening in the past also. But now densely populated areas are developing which increases its impact. In the year 2015, Chennai received more rain than it had received in a hundred years. Explaining the reason for the heavy rains, IMD Director General Mrityunjay Mohapatra said that low pressure areas formed in the atmosphere in October. He said that Uttarakhand received heavy rains this week due to a Western Disturbance and a low pressure area.



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