This kind of marriage, spend 1 lakh rupees for your happiness, marry yourself, find out what is strange about this


Woman married herself: Anyone can marry herself, a case has come to light from America where a woman married herself.

Marriage is a great aspiration for any girl and every girl wants her husband to be with her and take care of her at every step, but many times it does not happen and she is forced to spend her life with a man who is very upset By A different incident has come to light in America where a girl who recently got married broke up with her boyfriend, a woman named Meg Taylor also spent around Rs 1 lakh on her marriage.

Meg Taylor, a life and business instructor living in Atlanta, told Meg that she got married out of love. Because he decided to marry his fiance in October 2020, but in June he broke up with Meg, the incident had a profound effect on Meg and he decided that there was no need for anyone else to go ahead with the marriage.


Meg Taylor Morrison wasn’t really ready to give up her dream of being a bride on Halloween. Meg wanted to get married on Halloween in 2020. But after their breakup, she realized that she needed to innovate or develop her wedding plans.1614606587 153 This kind of marriage spend 1 lakh rupees for your

Meg married herself in a formal ceremony and said that she decided to go ahead with her plan because she wanted to move away from the idea of ​​making other people happy.1614606588 435 This kind of marriage spend 1 lakh rupees for your

Meg started planning her wedding without any groom and even ordered a custom made cake and dress for the occasion. To do all this, he also bought a diamond ring. Like any other bride accepts her wedding ring and kisses in a mirror.1614606589 592 This kind of marriage spend 1 lakh rupees for your

The wedding was attended by Meg’s closest friends and family members, this special wedding is being discussed and people are also appreciating her move.

Photo courtesy – Megan Taylor Morrison_Facebook


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