This dog wandering around in search of his ‘poppy’ in the Uttarakhand disaster feels frustrated every day


While people have died in the Uttarakhand disaster, many animals have also fallen victim to it, similarly a dog near the Tapovan Tunnel is waiting for its cubs to return.

Many bodies have been recovered in Uttarakhand in the wake of Sunday’s avalanche, though more than 150 people are still missing. The family’s optimistic eyes are on a mission to find their loved ones. The information should come and their lost family can get safe. Not only humans but also animals have been affected by the catastrophe. Similarly, a dog near the Tapovan Tunnel was looking for its culprit but its cubs have not been found yet.

A total of 554 bodies have been recovered from the disaster-hit area of ​​Chamoli district so far and another 150 people are missing. Ongoing.

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So far nine bodies have been removed from the debris and silt-filled Tapovan Tunnel. On Sunday, a dog was living near the Tapovan Tunnel with his three innocent sinners when suddenly this extremely painful accident happened. Out1613398991 719 This dog wandering around in search of his poppy in

Her three puppies are missing after the accident, people say she did not survive the accident, but it is true or her sinner is stuck somewhere, but it is not clear, but in search of her, this mother is working to find equal relief.

It is said that the pain of this lifeless mother since the disaster can only be felt, she sits near the rescue center, drying up her children repeatedly in the muddy debris and mud and relief work. Leggie stares at her as the group learns about her kids.

It is said that he has not eaten anything since the day of the accident, people tried to feed him but he did not eat anything but turned away, people are sad to see it.1613398991 731 This dog wandering around in search of his poppy in

Another such dog incident came up here, where a man from the village has been missing since the day of the incident. Now this man’s dog is standing outside the Tapovan tunnel looking for him and waiting for him to come.


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