Third wave of corona will not come, states like UP-Bihar are towards freedom from virus, claims in new study


There is relief news for the countrymen facing the havoc of Corona. Padma Shri, Senior Scientist at Kanpur IIT, Prof. Manindra Aggarwal has claimed that the possibility of a third wave of infection is now negligible. The main reason for this is said to be a large number of vaccinations. New study about the epidemic Prof. Agarwal has released mathematical formula based on the model. Accordingly, the infection will now be less frequent. At the same time, states like UP, Bihar, Delhi are almost on their way to freedom.

According to the study, the active cases of corona in the country will be close to 15 thousand till October. This is because the infected will continue to come in the northeastern states including Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, Assam, Arunachal. Manindra Aggarwal has been alerting the government by issuing reports through continuous studies. His claim of the second wave proved to be true to a great extent. He released his new prediction report by October, claiming that the possibility of a third wave is almost zero. According to the report, by October, the active cases of corona in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh will reach the unit mark.

Vaccines will get the benefit of fast

Pro. According to Agarwal, there seems to be a lot of benefit of lockdown and vaccination. After the second wave, herd immunity has developed in most people. At the same time, the effect of the fast-running vaccine campaign will also be effective in stopping the epidemic.
already claimed


Scientists were making different claims with constant concern about the possibility of a third wave. Pro. Aggarwal had been saying since May after the second wave that the third wave would not be effective. It will be much weaker than the second wave. It was claimed in May itself that if the vaccination was done properly and if people followed the Kovid protocol, then the third wave would be non-existent.

Pro. Aggarwal’s claims turned out to be true

Corona infection will not spread much in the village.
Corona epidemic does not spread through elections or Kumbh.
When the lockdown is effective, suddenly the cases will be less.
– The peak of infection in the second wave turned out to be almost true.
The second wave of Kovid will start weakening from May.


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