They are learning to live with Corona, but patients of panic are rapidly becoming, this report scares


People have started returning to old life after the corona infection has slowed down, but most people are feeling nervous about going to crowded places. Psychologists say that people do not feel as comfortable as before while traveling or sitting with colleagues and drinking tea. Being in lockdown for a long time, he is worried about the ways of living with Corona. British psychologists have named this type of nervousness or anxiety as re-entry anxiety. Scientists say that most people learning to live with Corona are facing re-anxiety.

49% of people suffer from anxiety

The American Psychological Association says that about 49 percent of people are feeling nervous about returning to life before the pandemic. Significantly, to deal with the epidemic, the governments are no longer imposing lockdown as before, instead they have opened up the economy by removing most of the restrictions. The governments of most countries say that by following the methods of prevention, people should now learn to live with Corona.

Symptoms like abdominal pain and vomiting are important

Nusha Anjab, a UK-based registered psychologist and clinical psychologist, says that the panic about re-entering normal life can have many dangerous consequences. Its symptoms are rapid breathing or rapid heartbeat, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Taking this situation lightly can be harmful.


These four ways help
: Tell your family or friends about the confusion about how you feel when you pass out. No need to be shy to share your inner changes as many people are struggling with it.

exercise : Psychologist Nusha says that exercise is most helpful in relieving anxiety associated with re-entry as it destroys adrenaline and cortisol hormones responsible for stress.

medical aid This kind of nervousness can make you mentally weak which can affect your inner and outer world. If you are heading towards that situation then seek psychological advice immediately.

focus on breathing Respiratory action is also helpful in removing nervousness. In fact, when we do not breathe properly, the lowest part of our lungs does not get enough oxygenated air, as well as this increases the focus.


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