“These government committees” are included in the Advocate Committee on Agricultural Law, we will not talk: Jogendra Yadav


Yogendra Yadav said the agriculture law has imposed a temporary ban, which can be lifted at any time. On this basis, the movement cannot be ended.

The Supreme Court has banned three agricultural laws. Regarding this, Swaraj India chief Yogendra Yadav said that the United Kisan Morcha has already issued a statement that we will not take part in the process of this committee. No such application has been made to the court to form a committee. Jogendra Yadav said that with the announcement of the name of the committee, our fears have become clear. Three of these members are hungry for agricultural law. This is a government committee.

Yadav said there are temporary restrictions in the agriculture law, which can be lifted at any time. On this basis, the movement cannot be ended. Ashok Gulati, who is a member of the committee, has been instrumental in bringing about the Agriculture Act. In support of anti-peasant legislation. These four have nothing to do with the movement. If the government and the Supreme Court want to talk to this committee, the agitated farmers will not talk to them.

Jogendra Yadav was surprised by the Attorney General’s statement that some Khalistani elements had entered the movement. Yogendra Yadav said that although there were few such people, there was no decision-making role in determining the status and direction of the movement. If the intelligence agency has any such input, it should be shared with the Home Ministry. If they want to give an affidavit in this regard, they can give it to the court.

Jogendra Yadav Saf informed that the Tractor March on 26th January will continue as before. Farmers have no intention of disrupting the Republic Day parade. The farmer will maintain the peace and elegance of Tribhuvan. He said there were rumors of disruptions to the Republic Day program. On the question of relocating the Ramlila ground, Yogendra Yadav further said that we wanted to go there at first, but were stopped at our border. Now again this question suddenly appeared.



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Significantly, the Supreme Court has banned three agricultural laws. The court on Tuesday said the laws would not be enforced until further notice. The court also set up a committee to discuss the laws. The court has named Harsimrat Mann, agronomist Ashok Gulti, Dr Promod Kumar Joshi (former director of National Agricultural Research) and Anil Dhanwat as members of the committee.

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However, the farmers’ organization committee is refusing to accept such a committee. Satnam Singh Pannu, Punjab chief of the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti, a peasant leader, said the move would put the fight at stake and was planning to end it. Farmer leaders say we will not accept any decision taken by the committee. The United Farmers Front will not take part. There are representatives of political parties in the name of farmers. Pannu even said that the decisions of the Supreme Court seem to go in favor of the government.


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