These 3 cities of India are among the 10 most polluted places in the world, how much toxic air, see the full list


The level of air pollution continues to rise in Delhi, raising concerns about a health emergency. Experts have advised people to stay at home. Pollution is currently one of the concerns not only of India but of the whole world. At a time when conferences like Cop26 are getting serious discussions on climate change, Switzerland-based climate group IQAir’s air quality and pollution city tracking service has released a list of the world’s most polluted cities, with three in India. . Areas of Pakistan and China are also included in this list.

Delhi tops the list with 556 air quality. In this list, Kolkata is at number four and Mumbai is at number six. The cities with the worst AQI index include Lahore in Pakistan and Chengdu in China.

Here are the ten cities with the worst air quality indicators and pollution rankings according to IQAir:

1. Delhi, India (AQI: 556)

2. Lahore, Pakistan (AQI: 354)

3. Sofia, Bulgaria (AQI: 178)

4. Kolkata, India (AQI: 177)

5. Zagreb, Croatia (AQI: 173)

6. Mumbai, India (AQI: 169)


7. Belgrade, Serbia (AQI: 165)

8. Chengdu, China (AQI: 165)

9. Skopje, North Macedonia (AQI: 164)

10. Krakow, Poland (AQI: 160)

The decision support system of the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) said that on Friday, Delhi also received pollutants from other cities including Jhajjar, Gurugram, Baghpat, Ghaziabad and Sonipat. It is noteworthy that the AQI between zero to 50 is good, 51 to 100 satisfactory, 101 to 200 moderate, 201 to 300 poor, 301 to 400 very poor and 401 to 500 between. Considered in the severe category.

Pollution in Delhi increased due to stubble burning

Due to stubble burning in more than four thousand fields, its contribution to Delhi’s pollution was 35 percent on Friday and stubble burning was a significant contributor to the 24-hour average air quality index (AQI) level being recorded at 471 till 4 pm. Stayed. This is the worst level of AQI this season. The AQI was 411 on Thursday.

According to an analysis by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, every year between November 1 and November 15, people in Delhi have to breathe highly polluted air. Faridabad (460), Ghaziabad (486), Greater Noida (478), Gurugram (448) and Noida (488) also recorded severe air quality at 4 pm.


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