“There is no security at the Gazipur border, not even at the Pakistan border,” Ram Gopal Yadav slammed the Modi government in the Rajya Sabha.


Samajwadi Party Rajya Sabha MP Ram Gopal Yadav sharply criticized the Modi government over three new agricultural laws and the farmers’ movement.

Socialist Socialist Party Rajya Sabha MP said Ram Gopal Yadav He sharply criticized the Modi government for three new agricultural laws and the farmers’ movement. He said that the farmers have come to listen to their minds, but you only listen to them. The SP MP said that concrete walls have been constructed at the Gazipur border today, which is more than the security of the parliament. Are the farmers coming to attack Delhi? He said that the security system in Gazipur was not even on the Pakistan border. I saw the Pakistan border.

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SP leader Modi asked the government why you want to impose the law on farmers, when farmers do not want this law. If you’re ready to close the law for a year and a half, why can’t you repeat them? He said that in this session you should repeal the new agricultural laws, bring new bills, send them to the standing committee and then pass them. Ram Gopal Yadav said that if the new agriculture bill had already been sent to the standing committee, the situation would not be as it is today.

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The peasants have been sitting for many months, many have been martyred but this government has been ruthless and ruthless. Explain that farmers have been sitting on the border of Delhi for the last 70 days against three new agricultural laws. There have been several rounds of talks between the government and the farmers, but all have failed.

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