There has been a big drop in corona cases in Delhi, 623 new patients were found today, 62 died, active cases reduced to 10 thousand.


There is a continuing trend in the reduction of new cases of corona infection in Delhi. In Delhi, where the number of infected has now come down to 600, the infection rate has also come down by one percent and active cases have also come down to 10,000. Before now, on March 18, there were 607 such low cases.

According to the Health Bulletin released by the Health Department on Tuesday, where 623 new corona patients have been found in the last 24 hours, 62 patients have lost their lives. Now the infection rate has come down to 0.88 percent, which was 0.99 on Monday.

According to the bulletin, today, 1,423 patients recovered completely and became corona-free, while the number of people recovering on Monday was 1,622. The health department said that the total number of infected in Delhi so far has been 14,26,863 and 4,888 patients are in home isolation. In the capital, now active cases of corona virus infection have come down to 10,178. With this, a total of 13,92,386 patients have been cured by beating the epidemic. At the same time, the total death toll has reached 24,299.

According to the Delhi Health Department, a total of 70,813 tests have been done in Delhi in the last 24 hours. Of these, 46,715 included the RTPR / CBNAAT / TRUNAT test and 24,098 rapid antigen test. A total of 19,373,093 tests have been conducted in Delhi so far and 10,19,636 tests have been done per 10 lakh people.



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