… then two and a half million cases of corona virus come everyday, learn what was revealed in the new study


A study between the rising case of corona and vaccination claimed that medication without prevention is the most effective way to prevent corona. On the basis of studies done on two different conditions, it has been claimed that 2.5 lakh new infections would start coming up by March 1, if the method of medication without masks (masks, social distance, washing hands etc.) was not adopted.


The research, published in the latest issue of Epidemiology International Journal, modeled the February two conditions. The condition of strictly executing a drug without avoidance or corona-friendly behavior. Second, the situation of not following it. The study is conducted by experts from NCDC and Vardhman Mahaveer Medical College.

… then the number of infections would have come down to eight thousand daily.

The study said that by the end of February, the number of daily infections of the corona in the country could have come down to eight thousand daily if the favorable behavior of corona was strictly adopted. It was 11500 on 31 January. In such a situation the reproduction number would have been 0.9, but if the Corona uncool measures had not been followed, the reproduction number would have risen to 1.7 and the daily cases would have risen sharply, to 2.5 lakh a day by March 1. Regarding Delhi, it has been said that the removal of drug without preventive measures would have kept the reproduction rate in Delhi at 1.15 and 0.8 per cent in the state of maintaining strictness.

Not strictly adhering to standards

Professor Jugal Kishore, director of the community medicine department of Vardhman Mahaveer Medical College, an author of the study, said that it is clear that medication is most effective in controlling corona infection. Research also suggests that the current increase in corona infection also shows that these measures are not strictly followed. The research includes NCDC director Sujit Kumar Singh, experts Aditya Athotra Sudarshan Ramaswamy and Meera Dhuria.




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