Then G-23 increased the trouble of Congress, Ghulam Nabi wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi; Demand to call CWC meeting


Troubles for the Congress, which is facing crisis in Punjab, are not taking its name to stop. On the one hand, after the resignation of Sidhu, the party high command is busy in churning about any result, in the meantime, the leaders of G-23 have once again started raising questions. After Kapil Sibal, now Ghulam Nabi Azad has written a letter to Sonia Gandhi demanding to convene a meeting of the Congress Working Committee. Before him, while talking to the media, Sibal had said that even today it is not known who is taking decisions in the Congress, while the party does not even have a regular president.

Ghulam Nabi Azad is part of a group of 23 leaders (G-23) who wrote a strongly worded letter to Sonia Gandhi last year. The letter raised questions about the leadership of the party. Shortly before Ghulam Nabi Azad’s letter was written, Congress veteran Kapil Sibal held a press conference and said that he would continue to raise his demands. Kapil Sibal is also a part of G-23 group. In such a situation, two leaders of the G-23 group have come forward one after the other.

Those who do not consider them special, they still stand with them

Sibal took a jibe at the Gandhi family by mentioning that many leaders left the party. ‘Those who were special to him left, but those whom they do not consider special, they still stand with them.’ On the situation arising after the resignation of Navjot Singh Sidhu as the President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Sibal said that there should not be any situation in this border state which can be exploited by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and other elements from across the border.


Hum Ji Huzoor is not 23: Sibal

In his letter he said that we are not ‘Ji Huzoor 23’. It is very clear. We will keep talking. We will continue to reiterate our demands. He said, ‘I am talking to you guys with a heavy heart. I belong to a party which has a historical legacy and brought independence to the country. I cannot see my party in the condition it is in today.’

Sibal asked why the leaders are leaving the party

Sibal said, ‘Our people are leaving us. Sushmita (Dev) ji left and former Goa Chief Minister (Louijinho) Faleryo also left. Jitin Prasada is gone, (Jyotiraditya) Scindia is gone, Lalitesh Tripathi is gone, Abhijit Mukherjee is also gone. Many other leaders left. The question arises, why are these people leaving? We have to think for ourselves that maybe we must have made some mistake too.



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