The United Kisan Morcha said the BJP government was painting the movement as communal


Farmers protest: On January 30, on the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the United Pharma Front’s proposed “Day of Integrity”, all religions across the country, including the border, will be fasting from 9am to 5pm.

The United Kisan Morcha (UNM) says it is peacefully protesting against three anti-farmer laws. Peasant movement (Peasant protest) The BJP government is now giving a “communal” color. United Farmer Front “The manner in which the government has been trying to destroy the environment at the Gazipur border and the Sinhu border for the last three days proves that the police and the people of the BJP-RSS want to end this movement,” a statement said. A similar failed attempt was made in the case of picketing.

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Farmer leaders Darshan Pal said the United Kisan Morcha was overwhelmed by the love of the farmers when they reached the Gazipur border. The government and many agencies agreed that the Gazipur picket is now over, but the farmers of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have once again proved that the spirit of the farmers is high.



On the occasion of the “Goodwill Day” proposed by the United Kisan Morcha on the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on January 30, there will be a fast from 9 am to 5 pm in all dharnas, including the Delhi border. The peasant movement was quiet and will continue. This day will be celebrated to spread the message of truth and non-violence. The way in which the government is spreading planned lies and violence will be condemned and protested peacefully. In Haryana, local farmers’ organizations and gram panchayat farmers passed the resolution and came to Delhi to offer other assistance.

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The leader of the United Kisan Morcha strongly condemned the incessant violence by the police. The peasants have given their full support to the residents of the vicinity of Dharna. The people of the government are inciting these people against the farmers, but their efforts have failed. People in the neighborhood are sharing their pain with the farmers and contributing to the anchorage and cleanliness.


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