The thief lost everything, but did not lose courage, it works again with 100 rupees


Ilavarasi Jayakant: The success story of Ilavarasi Jayakant, who lives in Thrissur, Kerala, is quite inspiring. Her store was burglarized in 2011 and she lost everything, but she never lost her courage.


  • Kerala’s Ilavarsi Jayakant’s story is inspiring
  • Her story was stolen in 2011 and it all ended
  • After that, he started his own business with just 100 rupees and took it much further.

Life has never been easier for Ilavarsi Jayavanth of Tamil Nadu, but the struggle did not stop him for long. Ilavarsi’s family moved to Thrissur district of Kerala 45 years ago. The family’s livelihood was selling sweets. After studying and getting married he started his journey this way and started making sweets.

Elvarassi learned to sell products from his family and made sweets and snacks at home and sold them in shops and at home. “After negotiating with the family to fulfill his dream of becoming an entrepreneur, he took Rs 50 lakh and opened a supermarket in Thrissur in 2010 to combine his savings,” Ilavarasi told The Better India.

He was employing at least 50 people. However, in 2011 there was an unpleasant incident and robbery in his shop, after which his business was shut down. They all lost. It was a huge shock for him, but in the end Ilavarasi decided to renew himself and rebuild his business with just 100 rupees.


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Faith has moved forward

He started his business as Ashwati Hot Chips, currently has four outlets in Thrissur. A variety of chips, pickles and cakes are available here. In 2019, the Ilavarasi International Peace Council won the UAE Award ‘Best Entrepreneur’. The 2011 accident shook him and he was hospitalized for several months. He said, ‘When my dream venture stopped I became mentally and physically restless. However, I was not ready to give up. My faith helped me resume my business and today I have four stores where I have over 60 products including sweets, snacks, cakes and pickles.

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Has earned more than five lakhs

In 2012, he opened Ashwati Hot Chips – a hot chips stall near Thrissur railway station. He told me that my family had a talent for making delicious snacks, so I decided to give my work another chance. It was hard to invest in a new business, so I started my new venture at less than 100 rupees. Within a few days their hot chips and Wada have become quite popular among train passengers. Over time people from different parts of the state started eating at the stalls. Later the store started offering long lines. As his income increased, he repaid his loan and increased his workload. He is earning more than five lakh rupees.


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