The siege of developed countries led by India on the issue of climate change showed the mirror


During the ongoing Climate Dialogue Ka-26 in Glasgow, the BASIC countries under the leadership of India took on the developed countries for climate funding. India said the increased emissions and net zero targets of developing countries could be put at risk if developed countries fail to meet their climate funding responsibility. Because without finance it would not be possible to fulfill them.

India spoke on behalf of the BASIC countries (Brazil, South Africa, China and India) during the stock-taking session on Monday in the climate talks. Richa Sharma, India’s chief negotiator and additional secretary of the environment ministry, said that most countries have increased their carbon emission targets. Many countries including India have also announced Net Zero. On the one hand, while developing countries are increasing their targets, developed countries are not able to arrange even the $100 billion set a decade ago to deal with climate threats. So far this amount has neither been collected nor provided to the nations.

He said that this amount was fixed a decade ago and then the targets were also different. But today when countries have increased their targets, they are working for net zero, then this amount needs to be increased. He said that by 2025, developed countries should announce a new financial target for this.


He said that it is the responsibility of the developed countries to provide financial assistance to the developing countries to achieve the climate goals. Because without climate financing, the achievement of new climate goals could be in jeopardy. Therefore, developed countries should increase the amount of climate financing and also ensure that it reaches the developing countries. By the way, historically it is the responsibility of the developed countries because they are more responsible for the current threat. Therefore BASIC countries request to ensure the accountability of developed countries in this matter.

Let us tell you that India has raised this issue in many talks in the past as well. In this matter, it has got the support of basic countries as well as poor countries. This time there will be further discussion on this issue. BASIC countries are trying to force developed countries to announce climate funding in this regard. This includes ensuring an amount of $100 billion per year and further declaring new climate funding by 2025.


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