The service of Air India will continue till the work of Kabul Airport, the ambassador said after returning home – many people still present there


It was only after the situation of instability in Afghanistan that India had announced that it would withdraw its ambassador and other government officials from Kabul. After which many government employees have also been expelled from there. Air India is fulfilling this important responsibility. However, there are still many Indian citizens present in Afghanistan. Indian Ambassador Rupendra Tandon said on Tuesday that Air India will continue to operate its flights from Kabul as long as the Kabul airport is functional. Rupendra Tandon and some other diplomatic staff reached India only on Tuesday.

After the surrender of the Afghan government of Ghani on Sunday, India had decided to withdraw all its ambassadors and all other employees from the Kabul mission. Let us tell you that this is the second time that India has closed its embassy. Earlier in 1996 also due to the situation created by Taliban, India had to close its embassy. About 200 Indian officers and security personnel came out of Kabul in two groups on Monday and Tuesday. Indian officers and security personnel had left Kabul via C-17 military aircraft. However, when the second group was leaving there, they had to face difficulties at the airport. Because the Taliban had made a check point there.


The C-17 aircraft carrying the officers landed in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Talking to reporters here, Rupendra Tandon said that ‘we are constantly monitoring the situation as some Indian citizens are still present there. Therefore Air India will continue commercial services from Kabul as long as the airport is functional. The ambassador said that India has temporarily canceled its aircraft in view of the situation at the airport in Kabul. However, we want to be sure that if any Indian is trapped there and if so, we will bring him from there at any cost. For this, the Ministry of External Affairs has also set up a help desk.

Rupendra Tandon said that ‘India is in touch with the people of Afghanistan, despite the diplomatic staff leaving there. It is not that we have abandoned the people of Afghanistan. His welfare and our relationship with him are always on our mind. We will try to keep talking to him. Tandon said that Indians are very happy after returning home safely. About 192 people from India were in Kabul and now all have returned safely. He told that there were many such Indians who were under stress due to the changing situation in Afghanistan. So our policy was that whoever can reach the embassy should be kept in the embassy. We didn’t know how he would manage inside the embassy, ​​but we were sure he was safe and there was a way out.


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