The second wave of corona epidemic is dangerous, giving testimony to death figures


The second wave of corona epidemic in India did not see an increase in mortality in the first few weeks, but has changed significantly over the last four weeks. These changes are intimidating. Since March 8, corona-related deaths have increased at the same pace as its infection. Let us tell you that during this period there has been a 345% increase in daily cases and deaths.


The daily death (seven-day average) from Corona has increased from 96 on March 8 to 425 on April 4, showing an increase of nearly 4.5 times. In the last four weeks (8 February to 8 March), average daily cases increased by 50 percent. The recent increase in the number of deaths due to the epidemic is the fastest since the early days.

The last week (29 March to 4 April) recorded 2,974 deaths due to corona, a 59 percent increase from the week before (1,875). Let us tell you that after the outbreak of Corono virus, this growth has been observed in India at the fastest speed.

The last two weeks saw an increase of 51 and 41 percent in the number of people who died from Corona, respectively. However, it is less as compared to June 15-21 last year. Obviously, the deaths should be closely monitored in the coming weeks.

Let us tell you that on Monday, the total number of infected in the country increased to 1,25,89,067 after the highest number of 1,03,558 new cases of Kovid-19 reported in India in one day. According to the data, since the spread of Kovid-19 in the country, on September 17 last year, the maximum number of 97,894 new cases were reported in a single day. If we look at the statistics of the states, there were 47,288 cases in Maharashtra, 7,302 cases in Chhattisgarh.


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