The ‘Nawab’ of revelations, from Sameer Wankhede to Devendra Fadnavis, have mastered these 10 biggies


NCP leader and Maharashtra government minister Nawab Malik has been in constant discussion since the arrest of Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the drugs case. On his part, this whole matter has been told as a business of extortion and claims were made to implicate Aryan Khan. Not only this, Nawab Malik has wrapped from Samir Wankhede to former CM Devendra Fadnavis in his quick disclosures. Due to this, the situation has now reached to personal attacks. Sometimes Devendra Fadnavis attacks him and sometimes Nawab Malik is seen reversing the former CM. Let us know, till now, which 10 big sensational claims have been made by Nawab Malik …

1. Nawab Malik, in a direct attack on the Devendra Fadnavis family, had told their links to drug peddlers. He said that a campaign song of Devendra Fadnavis’s wife Amrita was funded by drugs peddler Jaideep Rana.

2. Nawab Malik had also accused Devendra Fadnavis of running a transfer and posting racket. Nawab Malik had said that a person named Neeraj Gunde used to do this work during the BJP government. He had complete freedom to visit the bungalow of the then CM Devendra Fadnavis. Devendra Fadnavis himself often used to sit at his house in the evening.

3. Nawab Malik, while sharing photographs of NCB officer Sameer Wankhede’s first marriage, had alleged that he was a Muslim and got a job under Dalit quota on the basis of forged documents.

4. Nawab Malik has also accused Sameer Wankhede of running the business of extortion. He said that Aryan Khan was arrested at the behest of Wankhede and the whole matter was of kidnapping and ransom.


5. Nawab Malik on Monday made another claim alleging that Sameer Wankhede’s sister-in-law Harshada Deenanath Redkar was also involved in the drug trade. Along with this, he had also presented the evidence of the pending case in the Pune Court in this case.

6. Nawab Malik has also made personal attacks on Sameer Wankhede. He has even accused Sameer Wankhede of wearing a shirt worth one lakh, pants worth 1.5 lakh and shoes worth 2.5 lakh. Malik raised the question and said that from where does he get the money for such expensive clothes.

7. Not only this, Nawab Malik, while replying to the allegations of Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday, said that he has a relationship with the underworld and I will disclose it.

8. Nawab Malik had also alleged that Devendra Fadnavis, along with a kingpin sitting in another country, had taken the entire city hostage.

9. Nawab Malik was accused by the BJP leader that he was active after the arrest of his son-in-law. Reversing this, Nawab Malik had said that my daughter will send a notice to Devendra Fadnavis and he will have to answer it.

10. Nawab Malik, who attacked Sameer Wankhede, is also facing a counterattack. Wankhede’s father has filed a defamation case against the minister of the state government. Apart from this, a complaint has also been lodged with the police.


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