The Ministry of External Affairs told why fugitives like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya could not be brought to India

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India and Britain have an extradition treaty. Many Indians who fled the country have also been extradited from Britain so far. But Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya are some of the economic fugitives who are still evading extradition under the cover of law. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi has told that where is the problem in extradition of criminals like Nirav Modi and Mallya? It has been informed by the Ministry of External Affairs that the issue of surrendering fugitive economic offenders to India was discussed during the India-UK Summit on May 4. It has come out in it that they are facing some legal hurdles regarding the criminal justice system of the country. But he is aware of these issues and is ready to cooperate in extradition of fugitive economic offenders to India.

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Here on the subject of Mehul Choksi, information has been given by the Ministry of External Affairs that this week there has been no update regarding Mehul Choksi. He is currently in the custody of the Dominican Authority. On behalf of the Ministry of External Affairs, it has been told that on the subject of Nirav Modi, the UK Secretary of State had issued an order on 15 April that Nirav Modi should be extradited to India. Now Nirav has demanded to appeal against this order. At present he is in custody. We will definitely extradite him and bring him back to India.

Let us tell you here that a few days ago, British Home Minister Priti Patel had said that the extradition order of Nirav, a bank fraudster of about Rs 13,500 crore, was signed in February this year itself. Similarly, Mallya’s extradition was also approved in 2019, but both the fugitives have succeeded in taking advantage of the legal facilities to camp in the UK.

Rich fugitives go to another country with the help of expensive lawyers and use every legal trick to save themselves from extradition. Considering the issue of Nirav and Mallya, both the wanted economic offenders had also made an issue in the court about the poor condition of prisons in India.


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