The middle class has become poor and the poor are being crushed… Rahul’s attack on Modi government


Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday targeted the central government on the issue of poverty. Rahul Gandhi alleged that the middle class of the country has become poor now and the condition of the poor has worsened. Said where did those who used to say that good days are coming.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, while tweeting on Sunday, targeted the Modi government at the Center. Sharing a news, Rahul Gandhi wrote that “Those who were earlier in the middle class are now poor.
Those who were poor earlier are now being crushed. Where did those who used to say that good days are coming?

Actually, it has been claimed in the news that in 2020, 7.6 crore people have gone below the poverty line and the number of poor is increasing. At the same time, Congress also alleged on its official Twitter account that people are wasting their best days while waiting for ‘Acche Din’ to arrive.

Let us tell you that for the last several days, Rahul Gandhi has been targeting the Center on the rising inflation and rising prices of petrol and diesel in the country. He had targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the issue of hike in LPG prices and alleged that PM Modi’s development vehicle is in reverse gear and brakes have also failed. He had also claimed citing a news that due to the increase in the price of LPG, there are lakhs of such families who are being forced to light the chulha.




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