The judge expressed pain, said – like the schools, the talk about the holiday of the courts is wrong, the image has to be changed


Justice Jayant Nath of the Delhi High Court has said that public perception about going to courts on leave like schools is not correct. He said that there should be a proper system to showcase the hard work of the courts so that the image can be changed. Justice Jayant Nath said this in his retirement speech on Tuesday. The judge, in his farewell function organized by the high court, said that overburdening of courts with cases pending for a long time is a known fact, but the reason for the delay is not just the courts. He said the cases are pending despite “tireless efforts” by the courts and lawyers.

“It is a known fact that courts are burdened with pending cases for a long time. Unfortunately, a common man’s perception is to blame the court for the delay in disposal of cases. Much is said about going on court holidays, comparing it to school holidays. I can say with full confidence that this image is not right among the people. “The reasons for the delay are many but in reality the courts are not responsible for them. All I can say is that the court needs to take some steps to convey this difficult and good work through a suitable mechanism.


Gave lawyers to be honest about their presentation

Expressing concern about the image of the courts among the common people, Justice Jayant Nath said that I do not need to say anything more on this, but I think some change in the image will be useful. In his farewell address, Justice Nath advised lawyers to be “honest” to their profession and client and reminded that there is no “shortcut” to success. Chief Justice of the High Court DN Patel said that Justice Nath is an eminent judge who will be remembered for his prestige and excellence. Justice Nath was appointed as an additional judge of the High Court in April 2013 and became a permanent judge on March 18, 2015.


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