The havoc of Corona is not decreasing in Kerala, neighboring states have made strict rules regarding movement


With the increasing cases of corona in Kerala, neighboring states have banned the movement of people from here. In the last five days, more than one lakh corona cases have come in Kerala. After this Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have tightened the rules for those coming from here. Tamil Nadu has made RTPCR test mandatory for those coming from Kerala from August 5. At the same time, Karnataka has allowed entry to only those people who have got the vaccine. At the same time, Karnataka has also banned public transport vehicles coming from Kerala. The result of this is that long queues of people are being seen on the border of both the states adjoining Kerala.

unwell for the sixth consecutive day

Meanwhile, on Sunday also 20,728 new corona cases have been found in Kerala. In this way, it was the sixth consecutive day when more than 20 thousand cases have been found here. If seen, out of 41,0952 cases found in the whole country, half the cases are being found here only. The test positivity rate here is also 12.14 percent, while the national average is 2.34 percent. At the same time, the number of active cases has also increased to 1,67,379, which is one third of the active cases in the country. At least four districts of Kerala have an infection rate of 1.2 per cent. Such a high rate of infection shows what the situation is there. Experts say that if the infection rate comes below 1 percent, then it will be considered that the situation is under control.


Delta variant in many parts

In view of the situation, the Kerala government is also trying its best. Here Health Minister Veena George said that the next three weeks are very important for the state. He said the latest surveys show that at least 50 per cent of the people are still in a vulnerable condition. We have noticed that the new Delta variant is available in many parts of the state. He appealed to the people to take precautions. On the fear of a third wave of experts, the Health Minister of Kerala said that the second wave is not over here yet. At the same time, seeing the situation not improving after the lockdown, now the Kerala government is preparing to create a micro-containment zone here. The motive behind this is that the shops and business should continue.


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