The first ‘AC 3-Level Economy Class Coach’ brought with Rail, find out what features it has


Railroad has brought its first AC three-tier economy class coach. These coaches will be in sections between the existing Third AC and Slipper Class divisions. Their design will be different from ordinary coaches.

Indian Railways on Wednesday unveiled the first air-conditioned (AC) three-tier economy class, which the Ministry of Railways has termed as ‘the cheapest and best AC travel in the world’. Officials said these coaches would be ‘economical’ and would be placed in the division between existing AC three-tier and non-AC sleeping class coaches. That means these coaches will be among the existing third AC and sleeper class coaches. Their design has also changed a lot. Many new things have been added for the convenience of the passengers.

It has been sent to Railway Coach Factory (RCF) Kapurtala for further testing at Research Design and Standards Institute, Lucknow. RCF was conceived by this coach and its design has been working seamlessly since October 2020. The number of berths has been increased from 722 to 33 and more passengers will be able to travel in this new coach.

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The ministry said in a statement that many new changes have been made to the design. The toilet doors have been prepared in each coach according to the comfort of the disabled people. Many improvements have been made in the design keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers, now every berth will be fitted with AC berths as compared to where the winter air comes from.

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At the same time, these coaches have ‘private’ lights installed in each berth so that passengers can now read comfortably and mobile charging points are also provided in each berth.

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