The fight against COVID-19 is not over, the task force warns – can counterattack with full force


The fight against the corona pandemic is not over yet. Navneet, the head of the Kovid Task Force formed at AIIMS regarding Kovid-19, said on Saturday that the fight against Kovid is not over yet. Dr Navneet has warned that Corona can retaliate with full force. He said that India has successfully given 90 crore doses of corona vaccine. Talking to the news agency ‘ANI’, Dr Navneet Vig said, ‘We have to reach the target of 100 crore vaccines. We have to ensure that both doses of the vaccine are given to all people. So that is our goal and we are working towards it. But we have to move faster and ensure that both doses of the vaccine are given to everyone.

He said it was not an easy fight. We don’t have to get overconfident. We have to follow all the necessary guidelines then only we can win this battle. The head of the task force said, ‚ÄúStill in some states the positivity rate is more than 10 per cent. It’s not easy. Many other countries are still fighting the war. So we have to pay a lot of attention that this epidemic can once again counterattack with full force.

The festive season has arrived and this season the Union Health Ministry has appealed to the people to enjoy the festivals by following the Corona guidelines. People have been appealed not to be negligent during this period. It has been said by the Kovid-19 Task Force that we need to be even more careful. At least till 2 weeks after Deepawali, a lot of care needs to be taken.


Dr Navneet said, ‘We are seeing that dengue, typhoid and air-borne diseases are spreading right now. It is becoming very difficult for doctors to decide whether it is covid or flu or typhoid fever. Therefore, there is a need to pay a lot of attention till the festive season. It is necessary to follow the mask and social distancing.



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