The farmer leader said, “In the tenth round of talks, we will ask the agriculture minister why the NIA is giving notice to our ‘supporters’.”


The farmer leader said, this will be the program of our tractor assembly on January 26th. We will assemble a tractor on the ring road, but we will not disrupt any government program.

Kisan Movement: The stalemate between the central law and the farmers (talk between government and farmers) regarding the agricultural law has not been resolved yet. The government itself is pushing to amend the law, where farmers are adamant to repeal three laws. The tenth meeting between the two sides is going to be held on Wednesday. Balkaran Singh Brar, president of All India Krishna Sabha Punjab, told NDTV, “In the 10th round of talks, we have issued a notice to the people in front of Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar (National Investigation Agency (NIA)). We will ask the Agriculture Minister why the NIA , Providing healthcare and compensation to farmers who have been martyred by us, this is our first demand today.

“We have already rejected the agriculture minister’s proposal to amend three new laws,” Brar said. Today we will again demand that three new laws should be repealed and a new law should be enacted in the country to guarantee the Minimum Support Price (MSP). Baldev Singh, a farmer leader from Punjab, said on the occasion that our tractor assembly would be held on January 26. We will assemble a tractor on the Ring Road, but at the same time we want to make it clear that we will not disrupt any government program on January 26th.

Our protest will be peaceful. He said our protest would continue until the three laws were repealed. Baldev Singh said that the NIA had given us notice. We will ask this question to the Agriculture Minister in today’s meeting, why the NIA has sent us such a notice. At a time when we are moving and our movement is moving fast. The Juvenile Conflict Front has decided that those who have been given notice will not appear before the NIA. He said, ‘I am a member of Kisan Sangram Samiti and I will follow the decision of Sangram Samiti.’



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The farmer leader said before the conversation, ‘It doesn’t matter, tsunami will come on January 26.’

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