The Congress retaliated by accusing the Hatars of inciting riots – ‘anti-Dalit BJP …’


The Congress, which is believed to be at the top of the movement to demand justice for the families of the victims of the Hathras incident, has become aggressive on Monday over allegations of conspiracy to incite riots through intelligence agencies’ websites.

Congress, which has been at the forefront of the movement to bring justice to the families of victims in the Hatras gangrape case, became aggressive on Monday after allegations of conspiracy to incite riots through intelligence agencies’ websites. In its investigation, Congress has attacked the ruling BJP for inciting riots and conspiracy by creating a website on the Hathras incident in the ranks of the US, saying the story is fake and ridiculous and has exposed the BJP’s anti-Dalit face.


Congress national spokesman at his residence in Barabanki on Monday. PL Punia attacked the BJP, saying the intelligence report was fake and ridiculous. Their officials do not believe this was a rape. For this, samples were taken for medical examination after 12 days and various allegations were made against the family of the victim. Now that the BJP came on the backfoot, such stories are being made. This has exposed the real anti-Dalit face of the BJP.

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In fact, intelligence agencies reported that a website called “Justice for Hathra Victims” was created in the United States to incite riots, spread discrimination against the majority society, and disrespect the government through the Hatres scandal. Funding was provided by extremist organizations. The anti-national PFI and SDPI played a major role in this.


The report said that offensive things were put up through this website, which would disrespect the government, discriminate against the majority society and throw the Yogi government into the fire of riots. In this report, Congress erupted today and questioned the claims of the intelligence agencies.

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