The caste system is getting stronger in the country due to the increasing trend of reservation, no end is visible: High Court


Due to the ever increasing trend of reservation in the country, the caste system is becoming permanent instead of ending. Now it doesn’t seem to be the end. The Madras High Court said this during the hearing of the case on Wednesday. The High Court bench said, “Instead of abolishing the caste system, the current trend is making it more permanent. This is happening due to the extension of the reservation system for an indefinite period. Whereas it was only for some time so that inequality in the republic could be removed. It is true that the age of a country cannot be linked to the age of human beings. But in 70 years time at least maturity should have come.

The Madras High Court said this while hearing the matter of reservation in medical seats in the All India Quota category. The court has rejected the 10% EWS quota for admission in MBBS. The court said that due to this 10 per cent reservation, the 50 per cent quota limit will be over, which is wrong. While hearing the matter, the court said that the entire concept of reservation is wrong.


The court said, ‘It is constantly being amended and increasing. Due to this the caste system is also getting strengthened continuously. Not only this, it is also getting stronger in those places where its presence was less. The High Court bench said that instead of empowering the citizens, casteism is increasing due to reservation. Such conditions are not arising that merit can determine anything.


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