The BJP questioned Priyanka Gandhi’s departure from the Mahapanchayat, saying that farmers’ organizations should think …


Speaking to NDTV, BJP leader and minister in the Modi government Anurag Tagore said that the Congress leaders were misleading the country, the farmers and the House as well.

Farmers called in Saharanpur Saharanpur Krishak Mahapanchayat BJP leader Anurag Tagore (Anurag Tagore) questioned the involvement of Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra (Priyanka Gandhi). He said that farmers’ organizations should think, until yesterday he said that political parties are far from this movement. He said that only a peasant organization can answer this question, how can a person from any political party come to their platform. Speaking to NDTV, he said that the Congress leaders were misleading the country, the peasants and the House as well. Referring to a discussion in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, he questioned the attitude of the Congress.

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Anurag Tagore, a Congress MP in the Lok Sabha yesterday, said in the House that the recessions would be stopped under the Agriculture Act. He said that after this mention of the Congress MP I asked him about that section, then the Congress MP had no answer. The BJP MP said that after that another Congress MP raised questions about the MSP, in response to which I told the meeting that the MSP was before, still is and will be.



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Raising the question, Anurag Tagore said that some of the political parties in the country, which lost every election, are now confusing the farmers. He said the way some parties are misleading the farmers instead of telling the truth has made it clear that they do not want to increase the income of the farmers, on the other hand Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts should increase the income of the farmers. He said the government is ready to negotiate with the farmers.


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