The BJP is checking the pulse of the people in the electoral states, what is it more concerned about than the opponents?


In the assembly elections of five states to be held early next year, the BJP is more concerned about the attitude of the people than the opposition parties. This is the reason why the party is engaged in reducing the anti-incumbency environment at every level from the organization. The Corona period and the farmers’ movement are the main reasons for his concern. The BJP has its own government in four (Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur) of the five states where elections are to be held, while the Congress is in power in Punjab. In such a situation, it is on priority for the BJP to retain the four states that are in power.

According to sources, the party is assuming that it is not getting any major challenge from the opposition parties in any state, but if there is displeasure among the public, it may face some problems. In such a situation, the current campaign of the party is to reach out to the masses and connect with them by removing their problems. The party has also deployed its election teams for various states. He has been asked to make a comprehensive tour within a month and prepare an updated report of each assembly constituency.

Apart from this, fast work is being done at the organizational level as well. Organization General Secretary BL Santosh himself is visiting various states and holding meetings at various levels and taking ground stock of the organization. According to sources, in the initial assessment of various levels, it has come to the fore that this time the atmosphere has changed as compared to the last time. The problems have increased due to the Corona period and the farmers’ agitation may change the situation in some areas.


Even in the reports that are coming from the party organization, it has also been said that the situation is not bad, but there is a need to be cautious. There is displeasure in the public at some places, but it is not seen that such an environment should go with the opponents. Despite this, the BJP leadership is not ready to take any kind of risk and is busy working at every level.



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