The 23-year-old mother of 11 wants more than 100 children


The 23-year-old Russian mother of 11 wants more children. She and her husband are planning more than 100 children.

The life of 23-year-old Christina Ozturk of Russia revolves around children. In fact, they have 11 children and still have no plans to stay. In reality, she dreams of becoming the mother of hundreds of children. Christina lives with her husband, Gallup Ozturk, who owns a hotel in Georgia. She is the mother of 10 children, including surrogacy, while naturally giving birth to only one.

They spent 8,000 euros on surrogacy for each child. Surrogacy was legalized in 1997 in Georgia. Christina recently said on her social media channel that she and her husband love kids and they want 105 kids.


Christina said, ‘I have ten children at the moment. I gave birth to my eldest daughter Vikar six years ago. The rest of the kids genetically made us, but a sergeant. I don’t know how many they will be in the end, but we certainly don’t plan to stop at 10. We are not ready to talk about the last number. Everything has time. ‘

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She said her clinic in Batumi takes full responsibility for the birth process and she only selects surrogate mothers. However, Christina and her husband never knew the surrogate mothers and did not contact them directly to prevent future problems.

Gallup (5) says that Christina is the kind of wife he has always wanted. She said, ‘She is the kind of wife I have always wanted for myself, an unbroken diamond where I saw how pure and kind hearted Christina gave birth to a daughter at the age of 17 and she became a single mother became the first biological child 2020 March Born in the month, nine siblings after him.


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